Max's Penguins

A different variety of penguins - helping to support a very special little boy. xx

Woof Woof!!

A recent commission - nearly finished!


Newlywed Cushion

A new creation.... may start a series....


Recent Creations

So I have been a bit slack with the updating of my blog! Here are a couple of items I have recently made....

I'm super excited as I have finally finished my studio!!! (all bar the actual putting everything into the 'right place' - everything is in the studio and ready to go otherwise!)

So I can start my 'Winter Collection' which I am rather excited about!!!!


Please enjoy these new commissions, custom raggies for a couple of Newlyweds! and a Horse photo album!


Singlets for AIDS babies - knitting instructions

So this is what I've been learning to do recently! A house guest came and whilst here, showed me how to knit these cute little baby jumpers for AIDS/orphans in Africa who get wrapped up in newspaper when they're born as they are so poor.
So if you would like instructions to make some yourself click here : http://www.etsy.com/view_listing.php?listing_id=28456764



a long wedding cushion - for some farmers and a penguin for fundrasing... :)


Poppy Cushion

A lovely new creation - perfect for beautiful summer days.. or to brighten up your day throughout the year!


Boating Cushion

From my new collection... (yet to be completed)


Mascot Penguin for Max

This penguin was designed by a 6 year old girl and turned into a mascot for her baby cousin.


First Feature in a Treasury!!

I'm very excited! This is my first feature in a treasury on etsy!
Please check it out and all exciting beach items!



Craft Fair Goodness

Some photos of my first craft fair! Check out a fully stocked shop now on etsy .... www.dreamerchar.etsy.com


Custom Raggy

A recent commission of a customised raggy - contact me if you'd like your own!!
They are a great gift - this one is for a 32 year old guy! and he loves it! :)


New Fox!!

A little something outta my imagination.... you like?





Oooh.....! Some more monkeys for your splendid eyes to peek at!

More coming soon!


I love him....

This is one of my darling doglets - Ted.... I have been using this pic as my background and it makes me so happy everytime I look at him that I had to share!! 

On other news.... I have made a few more Monkey's - a raggy rabbit and an interesting fox... photos to follow when my darling photographer is free - hopefully soon! :)


New Oooh.. for you!

Well.. kinda! 
I'm currently working on my new range 'Oooh... Monkey!' 
They will be in all shapes and sizes and customizable for any occasion/celebration or personal choice!!! 

so stay tuned! :)


Funky Flower Monkey

Oooh... What a funky monkey! this little missy is made out of fantastic vintage curtains and she's got all the flower power a monkey could wish for!!



Arctic fox for Sale!

Who will buy this sweet little fellow?

Cat *ting* i'm a kitty cat....

And i dance, dance, dance, and i dance, dance, dance.....

My latest commission of a super cat, made out of antique grey cotton - calico mix with felty bits. She is complete with gorgeous felty pink pads.


Raggy Dog...


Get yourself some badge goodness!!!

Lighthouse Cushion

This funky cushion would brighten up your sofa, bed, chair or anywhere you put it really!
A lovely montage of fabric livened up with sequins and bells. The back has a lovely wooden button with blue detail adding to the 'beachy feel'... go on - grab a little something to make you excited about the forthcoming spring season!

Oooh... Monkey!

Oooh... Monkeys are a fantastic new collection that can be customised for any occasion and make lovely presents.